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Introducing LuxSpa Suites

The New Recreational Vehichle for Hotel Profits

Give your hotel:

  • Better Visibility
  • New Revenue Stream
  • Competetive Advantage

Offer your guests a better stay

With a LuxSpa in-room Far Infrared Sauna your guests will

  • Sleep Better!
  • Think Better!
  • Look Better!
  • Feel Better!
...and stay longer and more often!

Set it up once and it pays for itself over & over

Consumers are learning about LuxSpas from television ads, health clubs, and medical facilities, and now, more and more, they are demanding access to a LuxSpas when they travel.

Wouldn't you like to:

  • Attract first-time and return guests — Today’s health-conscious, weight-conscious traveler is demanding this innovative infrared technology that has been proven to relieve stress, promote weight loss, sweat out toxins, and even provide an exercise-free cardiovascular workout.

  • Generate immediate and long-term revenue — Hotels in other states are charging $35 or more per use in the fitness centers — so it’s an effortless source of added revenue particularly if made available in the privacy of their own room.

  • Put it anywhere with easy installation and portability — This compact sauna uses only 39” x 36” of floor space. It fits comfortably in your hotel’s health facility or for the most impact, can be set up easily in one or more rooms. Test this unbelievable marketing concept yourself. You will be amazed!

90 Day Risk Free Trial

Give your hotel a truly competitive advantage!

Call now to learn how you can increase your profit potential by offering your guests a private in-room LuxSpas Far Infrared Sauna without any risk to you.

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